Katie H. 

Portland, OR

I was introduced to the transcendent blends that only APOTHECARA can produce in the summer of 2014, and I have been hooked and craving more ever since. 

So it only made sense that, when the latest four signature sprays were released, I would invest in the entire line.  While I was immediately sold on the No1 geranium & sweet orange, No2 white sage & bulgarian rose and No3 chamomile & french lavender blends, I was hesitant to try the No4 ylang ylang & patchouli. 

I grew up frequenting Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, CA. I went to a small liberal arts college. I know the distinct and loathsome smell of patchouli, and I have spent many years avoiding it at all costs. Imagine my shock and awe when, after tentatively and reluctantly testing Spray No4, I found myself instantly seduced by the most compelling and gratifying scent in the entire collection. Patchouli. APOTHECARA sold me on patchouli. That is a sign of a true master. I drove around with that bottle of patchouli spray in my car, just to make sure I wouldn’t have to go without. That’s how good it is.  That’s how good they all are. It’s not normal how fantastic these blends smell. Fatigued, overwhelmed, blue, anxious… no matter what I’ve got going on, I know there’s an APOTHECARA spray to help me get back to where I need to be. I am so grateful for this collection - it makes my whole life better.

Melanie M.

Jacksonville, FL

The pretty packaging alone is enough to make me want to purchase from APOTHECARA, but the first mist from that pretty brown bottle was transformative. You smell the key players immediately, but not overpoweringly. Then, wait a few seconds and sniff again and the scent becomes much more complex, gentle and coy and inviting you to use the spray over and over again until you figure it out (I haven’t). My family’s favorite so far is No3 spritzed around bedtime to lull us all into a magical slumber. It’s a must have on the nightstand!

Shannon H.

Auburn, MA

I am in love with my No2 white sage & bulgarian rose spray! As a busy mom of 2 small kiddos I have found that a spritz in the air above me finely misted over my upturned face literally slows down my breathing and takes me out of the craziness for a few moments and helps to center myself. I don’t have tons of “me time” but absolutely look forward to my daily sage spray ritual. ️

Melodie R.

Tiverton, RI

SUPER wonderful products! We used No3 chamomile & french lavender as party favors for my daughters baby shower and voila!!  Very appreciated by our guests!  

Great gift idea! 

Deb C

Portsmouth, RI

We love the calming spray (No. 3)! I surround my kids beds with the spray before bedtime and it works wonders! They actually request this ritual! I cannot wait to try more sprays!

Melissa M.

Virginia Beach, VA

I was blown away with my purchase from APOTHECARA. My ordered arrived in a timely manner, the product packaging is irresistible and the adorable magnet was a nice touch. I ordered mist No. 3 and mist No. 4 and still can’t decide which one is my favorite. The sprays fill the air and linger with wonderful aroma’s, but are not overwhelming. I look forward to my next purchase!

Caitlin M.

Anchorage, AK

Just received my set of gorgeous blends today and they could not be more perfect!  They smell so delicious and the packaging is beautiful...you can feel the love and passion in every bottle! So excited to try them all and support a good cause... these were the best gift and totally made my weekend!! 

Thank you so much APOTHECARA️️️

Jon H

Newport, RI

I have been wearing the same Custom Blended APOTHECARA spray since 2008. 

I get complimented all the time on the scent and am asked often what cologne I am wearing. I tell them its an actually an aromatherapy spray. Way better than cologne and no chemicals. I never tire of the scent and it balances my energy at the same time. 

Jacqueline M

New Orleans, LA

I love APOTHECARA No3 chamomile & french lavender. From the moment I first caught a whiff of it, I knew it was exactly what we needed for our daughter’s room when she was an infant. It’s delicate, soothing, perfectly balanced, and never fails to create a sense of calm when I spray it. Seven years later, I still love this scent as much as I did when Cara introduced me to it as a new mom. 

Kim D.

Exeter, RI

The ApotheCara products are wonderful natural alternatives to many toxic ingredients found in almost all fragranced products, AND they smell just as good if not better! I've received compliments after using them as a perfume. I use them as room sprays and linen sprays to defeat odors (bathroom, pets, etc) and to create a soothing bath or bedtime.

We are expecting a baby this winter and after checking with ApotheCara about baby-safe oils, we are excited to have a game plan to use the No. 3 Chamomile & Lavender to combat diaper-pail-smell and sooth both baby and the tired parents! The worst pollution in our nation is the indoor air quality of the average home, and the quality essential oil ingredients in these products fit our natural lifestyle so we can maintain a healthy home environment.

They also make great unique gifts and stocking stuffers!