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I was born with a fire to create and desire to help others through the power of plants, flowers, and herbs.

I could actually feel it coursing through my veins and later discovered through my families genealogy chart that it was in fact in my blood -traced back through my great grandfather (16 generations removed) known widely as the founding apothecary in the city of Quebec. What initially sparked a hobby into motion in my teens would later become a blazing passion that would not be ignored.

It wasn’t until I turned 35 that the stars fully aligned guiding me to spend a blissful number of weeks blending tweaking and perfecting a handful of blends. With a small group of loyal followers I was able to feed my soul by creating aromatherapy mists made from the heart and yet I was not ready to launch fully into business.

Life twisted turned and paused like a winding country road during my early years of marriage, pregnancy and up until three years after our little boy was born. It was then that my passion, desire, vision and a gleaned knowledge over the years would come full circle to propel APOTHECARA into motion.



Our downright amazing little boy came into this world a beautifully magical cherubic little soul who also happened to have Down Syndrome.  Along with his extra chromosome Oscar came in with a few extra medical challenges that I knew in good time he would overcome so he could live the coolest best life overflowing with all love and happiness imaginable.  We just needed patience and faith.

Along the way and through numerous hospital admissions with him, my essential oils & blended mists were always with us. I used them to help him feel safe and secure, bring a little bit of home along, and to keep the hospital space we filled smelling fresh and feeling positive.  A growing number of hospital staff, roommates and passers by would comment on how amazing it smelled in our room.  A few would even pop in just to inhale sigh and smile before popping on over to the next patient’s room. I began to realize there was an opportunity for the traditional medicine we were learning to embrace and treat Oscar with to merge with alternative aromatherapy in a non-invasive, non-intrusive, or assuming way. There were already Reiki and massage offered at the hospital that regularly treated Oscar so it seemed it just might be the right time for aromatherapeutic acceptance.

Over the next three years my dreams of an aromatherapy business rolled in and out like the tides of the ocean with a steady knowledge that serendipity would find its way in as it always does. That is just what happened in the Spring of 2018.

Oscar had stabilized, thrived and flourished his way into half days at school which opened up the time to put the wheels in motion to get APOTHECARA aromatherapy underway!

Since then there has been no looking back. Though Oscar’s medical twists turns and speed bumps still pop up - every bone in my body knows this is the time to bloom.

But I wanted to go beyond blooming. I wanted to establish roots while also giving back through seeds of love and gratitude.


3.21% donated to

Heartbeats for Down Syndrome (HBDS)

Down Syndrome (also known as Trisomy 21) occurs when during cell division a 3rd (or extra) copy of the 21st chromosome arises.

World Down Syndrome Day is March 21st (or 3/21).

So it only seemed fitting to donate 3.21% of proceeds in honor of the beautiful set of numbers that help to make up the uniqueness in Oscar and so many other awesome souls.

We were helped immensely along the way by other families and groups who have loved ones with Down Syndrome so it resonated so deeply to give back.  I am choosing to donate to an amazing organization in particular called Heartbeats for Down Syndrome.  This incredible group of inspirational mothers of children with Down Syndrome teamed up to lovingly create and hand deliver thoughtful and much needed gift baskets and moral support to families in the hospital with their kiddos.  They visited us during some of our most vulnerable and challenging admissions and intuitively included items we were missing or needed along with a few treats to bolster us through the rest of our stay. To learn more about this astonishing group of women you can visit:

With each purchase I offer my heartfelt gratitude for additionally opening your hearts to awareness, education, love, inclusion, and for honoring the percentage of phenomenal and extraordinary individuals with Down Syndrome.      


I see life in its purest form - every day begins ripe with possibility and potential to be happy.  But most of our days are so incredibly busy they truly challenge us to find even five minutes to shift our energy into a positive place.  Aromatherapy can help boost and bring about a dose of good vibrations by bringing a little love and joy & balance into your day. 

From my heart to yours, mist into the air, close your eyes, inhale and smile.



The beautiful thing about your aromatherapy journey is its YOUR journey.

If you are new to it savor it and if you are well versed I hope you’ll enjoy the nuanced layers of unique pairings in our offerings here. No one creators blend is alike and that is something that thrills me to my core.

We are all new to things at some point and if this is your point, welcome! The more you seek to learn the more you peel back the luscious layers of all this genre has to offer. On this windy path there will always be more to learn. There will be new essential oils discovered, new uses employed and some scents that are simply to be enjoyed. But whatever your level it is a curve that is yours to swerve.

For more of the basics, some helpful hints, safe ways to use, and suggested ways to incorporate a ritual into your crazy days, come follow my blog (COMING SOON!)

Mist, inhale & smile.





As so much love and care has been poured into every blend - to further protect your vessel and keep the ingredients in their purest vibrational form - APOTHECARA aromatherapy mists are housed in amber glass bottles. The dark shade eliminates any negative effects of heat or light changing the composition in any way.

Want to reuse after the last drop is gone? They can be used as single stem vases, displayed on a shelf with other vintage or unique bottles, or simply just recycled.