mist No2 white sage & bulgarian rose

mist No2 white sage & bulgarian rose


super powered white sage banishes negative energy while high vibrational bulgarian rose exquisitely heals & restores the positive.

other ingredients in No2:

essential oils of organic sage, palmarosa, hinoki cypress, and trace drops of balsam fir and lavender.

how to enjoy:

show your bottle some love by giving it a nice shimmy-shake before spritzing its heavenly aroma on you, your linens or in the air around you! inhale deeply & smile.

about our ingredients:

APOTHECARA aromatherapy uses only 100% natural blends of pure essential oils, purified water, and blessings of love. no synthetics, petroleum, or harmful ingredients are inside - ever.

safety scoop:

while APOTHECARA products are 100% pure & natural they are not intended for internal use or in the eyes. they are not tested on animals although most animals would not object since they love their aromatherapy too! they are safe for use around children with adult supervision - a little goes a long way. if you are pregnant or nursing run it by your doctor or midwife before use. these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


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To indulge it is simple.

Mist into the air above and around you, close your eyes, inhale deeply and smile.

Have a couple more minutes to go deeper?

Find somewhere comfortable to sit take a couple deep breaths - inhaling and exhaling slow and steady. Mist into the air above you and close your eyes. Smile as the fine mist envelops you.

Picture your whirling swirling tornado of thoughts suddenly as still and as calm as a glass-top lake, serene and peaceful.

Feel your neck and shoulder muscles start to un-tense with another deep breath or two.

Let your limbs allow gravity guide you towards relaxation and letting go of stored stress and tension still slowly breathing in and out.

Lastly, say a silent hello to your soul - your unique awesome soul. Pay yourself (at least) one silent compliment.

When you feel more at peace and alignment open your eyes and smile.

Repeat as needed.

Each bottle contains my heartfelt wish of love peace and happiness to each and every one of you.